Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you have been invited to a Baby Shower you might be wondering what kind of gift you should buy.

Getting something useful for when the baby is first born is often a great point to start but it might also be worth thinking about getting a gift that the expectant mother could use sooner.

With the majority of the gifts being for the baby it is nice for the mother to get the odd present too. Try to steer clear of things like alcohol or clothes that will fit after the birth because that only focuses their attention on the fact that they can’t make use of them yet.

We will give you some idea of baby shower gifts for both the baby and the mother.

Baby Bath

Being prepared for when the baby comes is extremely important to expectant parents. You will need a bath for the baby so finding out what they already have prior to getting your gift should be a priority.

Baby Bottle Kit

A good baby bottle kit will also be something that is needed straight away, liaising with the parents to see if they have one and then discussing options can be a good idea.

Baby Toys

Baby toys will always be a great gift. There are great options available that will appeal to both newborn babies and the parent’s tastes.

Pregnancy Pillow

Comfort during pregnancy can be difficult and getting enough rest is extremely important so a pregnancy pillow can make a huge difference and can be used straight away. After pregnancy some people still like to use them so it is not like it will go to waste after a few months.

Maternity Clothes

The stress of getting ready to have a baby while you are pregnant can be pretty big, finding the time to buy clothes as you get closer to the birth might not seem like a priority so being gifted a new outfit is something that will be appreciated and, more often than not, it will come in handy.

Bathing Set

One of the only places that an expectant mother is likely to get any real rest or comfort is in the bath. The water helps to relieve some of the pressure and weight so having a nice relaxing bathing kit can be absolutely ideal.

A baby shower, above anything else, should be a fun celebration. Make sure the mother knows that she has a great support network and have a great time.

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